The 2018 Empire Lacrosse 4th Annual Girl’s 7v7 Boo Bash Lacrosse Festival

to benefit The Indiana Chapter of US Lacrosse


The 2018 Empire Lacrosse 4th Annual Girl’s 7v7 Boo Bash Lacrosse Festival to benefit The Indiana Chapter of US Lacrosse is scheduled to take place Sunday, October 28th at The Park Tudor School: 7200 North College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46240. Our fields are centrally located and minutes away from all the conveniences you will need for the day.

This fantastic all day event is a great opportunity to get your Student Athletes prepared for the spring season in a fun, competitive and safe environment. The Boo Bash is open to High School Girl’s Teams ONLY. Coaches and/or Team Organizers should email as soon as possible to reserve your team's spot. Spaces are limited and we will fill up!

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games. Games will consist of two 22 minutes halves with a 5 minute halftime. The field size is modified to accommodate the 7v7 format. The minimum roster size is 12 Student Athletes and the maximum roster size is 18 Student Athletes.

ALL Student Athletes MUST have an up-to-date US Lacrosse Membership. They will also NEED to fill out the Empire Lacrosse Waiver and Registration Form at the link below in order to participate:

Click here to fill out the Boo Bash Waiver and Registration Form

The Early Bird cost to participate is $45/player (as low as $540/team.) Early Bird Registration ends Sunday, September 30th at 11:59pm. The Standard Participation Fee is $50/player. A $5 Late Fee will be assessed to anyone who registers after Sunday, October 21st at 11:59pm. Registration will close on Saturday, October 27th at 11:59pm. There is NO walk-up registration available the day of the event. Programs that would like to pay for their whole team upfront via check should call to access the team payment waiver link; the above link is only for teams where the individual Student Athlete is paying to play.

The complete game schedule will be emailed to the Coaches/Team Organizers and posted above by Monday, October 22nd EOB. Games will start as early as 10am with priority for the later start times given to those traveling further distances. Gates will open at 9am the day of the event. There will be free parking and use of restrooms on-site. Team tents are welcome in the designated areas. Coaches/Team Organizers need to check in at the Empire Tent 30 minutes prior to their first game.

Lastly, it is called the Boo Bash for a reason - ALL Teams are ENCOURAGED to dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes. Past teams have had matching costumes and group themes; be creative and have fun with it!

Please note that all games will be played RAIN or SHINE! In the event of poor weather, the schedule may be changed and/or games may be shortened to ensure every team gets optimal playing time.

In case of an emergency there will be a trainer available at the Empire Lacrosse Tent. Please report any injuries to us immediately. If needed, the closest hospital according to Google Maps is: 2001 West 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260.


Additional Boo Bash Information:

  • Date: Sunday, October 28th
  • Start Time: Games will start at 10am (gates open at 9am)
  • Location: The Park Tudor School: 7200 North College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240
  • Division: High School Girl’s


Boo Bash Playing Format/Rules Sheet:

  • All Players MUST fill out the Registration/Waiver form online.

  • All Players MUST wear GOGGLES and a MOUTHGUARD.

  • Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 Games.

  • Each team should have a minimum of 12 players on their roster.

  • The playing field will be modified for 7v7 play.

  • Each team will have 1 G, 2 D, 2 M, and 2 A on the field at one time.

  • The games will consist of two 22 minute halves (running time) with no more than a 5 minute half.

  • In the event of a tie, a Braveheart will be used to determine the winner.

  • Each team will have one 30 second timeout per game; timeouts may not be called in the last 2 minutes of play.

  • A draw will only occur at the beginning of each game and the start of the second half.

  • Following each goal, the goalie will restart play by out-letting the ball.

  • Cards will be enforced. All Major and Minor Fouls will result in a free position as per USL Rules. In order to keep the flow of the game, any time serving fouls will result in a fast break for the non-fouling team.

  • Student Athletes may be removed from the field of play by an official at anytime for not following the rules.

  • If a Student Athlete is removed from a single game more than 2x's she will be suspended from the next game.

  • Fighting will result in an automatic ejection and players will not be permitted to play the remainder of the day.

  • Student Athletes that are suspended from a game or ejected from the tournament are not eligible for a refund.

  • All substitutions must occur on the fly.

  • All other rules of the game will follow USL rules.



Click here for our Refund Policy

**Please note; there will be NO REFUNDS for teams that pull out after committing to a spot**

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